19 Sep

Alchemy Studios - for the Single…

It was a good day on Tuesday - JOSKI were back in the studio. This time to record a new single - ‘U and Me’ is the title. we did so well on the day we got it all done - together with the magical ears of Kenny Jones. It is now off for mastering in Ireland.

We recorded quickly cos we are quite well rehearsed at the moment - We played live together and recorded all the parts then we had time to take our parts seperately as well so that we could choose later which bits we liked. Then it was vocals and harmonies and overdub guitars.

A long day, but at the end the mix was really getting close.

We are planning to do a video for this single as well - we need to find a lo or no budget producer - so if you guys know anyone. It has to look pucka too.

We will keep you all posted!

Jenty gets ready

Jenty gets ready

19 Aug

JOSKI at No.11 in Tourdates chart!

Well - after 6 weeks in the Tourdates chart JOSKI have got to number 11. Wow. This chart is based on downloads and plays from unique users - so you guys are doing the best job ever!


Maybe we will hit the Top 10 next week! The chart has been running every week for four years and they have a chart show every Sunday from 6pm til 8pm on the www.tourdates.co.uk website via internet radio.

The JOSKI profile on Tourdates is here - this is where you can play and download as well as the chart page itself:



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    26 Jun

    Smash! was Smashing!

    Hi intelligent rock pop fans!

    Club Smash! was good last Monday - great little venue - especially with an audience - It was great. Three bands - The Stuns (www.myspace.com/thestuns) and Yin (www.myspace.com/yinuk) were really good to play with. All the bands there are itching to play bigger venues!

    We are doing another Club Smash! (www.myspace.com/clubsmash1) in July and then not doing the August one.

    we will keep you guys in the loop.

    Q - Which film is this line taken from? “We are sorry about this little snag fellas’ we are still checking with our sister nine triple zero computer and will get back to you as soon as possible…”

    10 May

    EP Recording sessions

    Hey - So we did it!

    We recorded our new EP - ‘Catch the Rising Sun’ - It is now mastered and about to be printed and copied as I write this little billet-doux!

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  • We went to The Premesis in the end - as we got a good deal - and because it has a really good reputation as a live studio. We were in Studio A - that is the Solar powered one - so we were very green doin our biz in there! we were very happy to be in that studio recording - it was great fun!

    First session was March 3rd - and we were very well rehearsed having spent a few weeks at Pulse Rehearsal Studios getting the songs tight. It was still very ambitious tho - trying to get seven songs down in one day with a whole band - that IS very cheeky!

    It always takes a lot of time to get drums set up - sounds working - foldback and monitoring levels and trying to control the spill from the guitar amp or bass amp. Keyboards were easy to record as they didn’t go thru an amp. Guitar was tricky as Col. Joski didn’t want the amp to be quiet!

    Xande and engineer jason worked on getting a good modern ’70’s’ drum sound  - moving kick mics and snare tunings etc until they were set - then the bass mic and D/I and same for the guitar.

    We rattled off our songs usually in three or four takes so that we could choose the best one later. We did:

    She Loves
    Howard Roark
    Catch the Rising Sun
    Whadya Want
    Feel Loved
    I Know we’re from the Stars

    …and that is a loty of songs in one 7 hr day!

    The Premesis is a cool place to work in - lots of studios and rehearsal rooms in one rambling tenement style block on Hackney Road, East London. They even have a cat - Mrs Dawkins - who is on Twitter. Lots of names record there. While we were in they also had Skunk Anansie and Peter Green.

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  • The next session was to do the lead vocals. We did most of the backing vocals at home - Joski with Jenty at the home studio and Sara did her BV’s at her gaff with Xande. The lead vox are always fraught with a bit of tension but luckily Joski knows his songs quite well and pitching was good and we got all the main vocals down in about five hours. This was at the second session on 23rd March. This left about an hour to do a rough mix of ‘Catch the Rising Sun’.

    Then came the third session on 3rd April. This was to mix the seven mighty songs. However it did prove a challenge and we did rush a bit in the early stages which ended up with five songs mixed but not with the best overall sound. We found the kick drum was a little wooly and the lower mid was getting indistinct. Part of the problem was aiming to undertake tooooo many songs in one day originally! Now we had spent another day (day 3) and we weren’t getting close to finishing!

    Luckily jason the engineer is very experienced and we decided to do another full day (April 12th) and work on the basics first. This meant we were more able to control the sounds and get the frequencies sorted on one song before spreading that out to the other songs and mixing them.

    It worked - we did a humungous amount of mixing work and managed to get all seven songs mixed and sounding really good!!! Next stage was to check everything and make sure we were all happy with the mixes.

    We wondered about Mastering. Mastering is where you take the final mixes to be finished off and given that sheen and clarity that recordings you buy have. It is also the process that maximises the volume of the tracks so that they compare well when played on radio etc.

    I sent one track to MediaShack in Ireland - ‘Finest’ and was very happy with the final result. I have now sent the other six tracks and am awaiting the final results. Then we can finish off the cover and get em out there!!!

    I used to always record songs at home and build up tracks on seperatly recorded drum sessions. However, after recording at The Premesis, despite any challenges, I will never bother recording at home again! You just can’t get a big sound at home and need the out-board gear that they have in The Premesis and similar places. Home studio is just for rough demo’s from now on!!



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  • 30 Apr

    Mastering New songs


    We are mastering our new recordings - Having finished the recording at The Premesis in Hackney - and are now mastering them in Ireland at our old friends MediaShack.

    Any minute now they will be available at our gigs on CD or as downloads on this site and others. It has been a lot quicker than Joski’s original plans allowed for - Phew

    New strapline - Our hearts and our riffs are true….

    30 Apr


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  • So a couple of them have come back - but where are all the others????

    I thought WordPress was good… Server side?

    A - A - A - Chooooooo!!!

    30 Apr

    Where have all my posts gone!!!

    Glitch city! - I have logged in and see that I have lost the last three months of blog posts! They must have zoomed out there into the ether and are on their way to Mars - where they will of course find a happy home…


    18 Mar

    Smash! December!

    JOSKI and Smash!

    Well, Club Smash! has been up and running for six months now! - July to December. It has been fun and will continue to be.

    It is also a challenge! We always try to book four bands and give free backline and 40 minute sets with the proviso that bands should bring five punters along to see them. Quite often we get three bands showing up (including us) and the fourth mysteriously, quite often, is not in contact and just dosen’t show up. It is funny seeing band life from the side of the promoter for a change. We can see that a lot of bands out there are lacking in the ‘professional’ attitude or even basic courtesy!

    Still, this isn’t a rant. We love doing smash! and are awaiting the time when huge numbers of fans force us to a bigger venue on a better night! We have had stacks of really good bands play at Smash! It shows that there are a lot of acts out there with their own sound and really good delivery! Songwriting is often really good too with arrangements to match.

    December smash! was great for us. We got to play a humungous set of ten songs - Sara and Xande were fantastic in the bass drums rythmn section powerhouse that they are - Jenty was jumping around on her keyboards and I got to flash my legs in sliver tights and Kerrang lots of noise out of my brand new white Fender Stratocaster guitar!

    That guitar is so easy to play that it makes the Les Paul even harder to play or use for many songs. Currently the only song I use it on is ‘Feel Loved’.

    Thered ain’t gonna be a January Smash as we will be hibernating! There will be a Feb Smash! and we will report news and waffles then.

    Ciao a bingo me hearties!

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    05 Jan


    Hi guys,

    Now we are into the New Year - 2010 - and it can take time to get up to speed can’t it!

    2009 was a good year for Joski band. We finally got a brilliant line-up which consolidated our move from being a five piece band down to a four piece. Xande joined on drums and proved to be a spectacular player and really good guy. Then Sara joined on bass - and is a really good player and all-round musician with lots of strings to her bow (bass…).

    Club Smash! - Which we started in July - was going strong in December for our Xmas show. The silver leggings went down a treat! Grazza did the videos and we now have a different film for each song. It really helps our live persona!

    Lots of fine bands have played with us at this JOSKI residency now including - Calatrilloz, The ViPs, Sarah Tonin, Pretty Limelight, Rubinger. See www.myspace.com/clubsmash1 for more details…

    Very soon we are going into the studio to record new drum tracks for the new songs. Then we will work on them at our own studio - Ne Plus Ultra - before mixing them at another studio with posh gear! We can do a lot of the leg work and vocals etc here but need a bigger better sound stage or monitoring for the final picture. It could take a while but hey - are we in a hurry?! er, Yes we are!

    Also this year 2010 apart from the Smash! gigs continuing - we want to play more gigs around town and in the country. especially doing some Festivals and stuff. So keep your gims locked to joskimusic.com and we will give you news and info as it appears.

    If you want to join our mailing list just send a mail to info at joskimusic.com and we will be happy to have you aboard! Happy and productive new year!

    Ciao for now,

    Joski - Jan 2010

    14 Sep

    JOSKI at Club Smash! in September

    Hi All,

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    We are playing Club Smash! again this month - after all - it is our residency! This month is 21st Sept - stage time 9:10pm - be nice to see you all there! Remember to get the flyer from the bottom of the homepage so that you can get in a bit cheaper!

    We have a really good band line-up now. Sara Farina has joined us on bass. Sara is a consumate musician - tremendous experience and musical ability - and still young! She also plays with The V.i.Ps. with Sara and Xande and Jenty and Joski we now have a fabulous line up of talent within one lovely band!